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The Reasons to Recall Mattucci

Updated: Feb 1

Aurelio Mattucci has given us so many reasons for wanting to see him removed from his Council office. Not everyone is troubled by the same things, but all of us who support this recall petition recognize that he is continuing to do things that are detrimental to the City and we the residents.


The point of no return came last summer. After years of seeing our transportation tax dollars spent everywhere but the South Bay, we were getting a $1 billion infrastructure project: A spur from Metro’s C-Line to Torrance. Metro had even built a state-of-the-art transit center on Crenshaw at 208th St. We could park our cars there and take Metro to LAX or the Bowl or Downtown L.A. or . . . . But no sooner had the June ribbon cutting happened than Mattucci began his attempts to scuttle it.


Our hope: He won’t succeed.


Our fear: What else will he try to do before his term ends? His past actions have had consequences. These are just a few examples:


Mattucci moved to remove Torrance Airport’s noise monitors. It took almost two years to get them restored – and only because of residents’ demands. Many residents continue to live with the damage he started.


Mattucci questioned whether a Riviera Elementary teacher should have her job. His rant – and one of his followers talking about someone bringing a gun to campus – caused Torrance Police to post a squad car there. Claiming freedom of speech, he refused to back down.


That Facebook post is among dozens in which his uncivil language was embarrassing for an elected official. After repeated suspensions, Next Door has banned him permanently because of his inappropriate language.


Mattucci campaigned against the SST, the sales tax’s half-cent increase. Then, at a December Council meeting, he admitted the City would be in trouble if it had not passed.


The City will face challenges paying for sewers and other infrastructure needed to support the additional 5,000 housing units that the State is forcing Torrance to approve. At a Council meeting, Mattucci said residents – not developers – should foot the bill.


By signing this petition, you are saying that you would like to let residents decide on whether Mattucci should retain his District 5 seat. The vote will be on the November ballot; your signature will not cause a special election.


Your signature is also private information and will not be available to Mattucci or his supporters.

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6 comentários

21 de fev.

What a bitter loser! You couldn't win with the support of voters so you will waste taxpayer dollars to take the seat away from your opponent? I can't think of anything less patriotic. SHAME on you, Mrs. Adelsman! Spend your own money on this pathetic attempt to subvert democracy.

Jennifer Dobos-Bubno
Jennifer Dobos-Bubno
22 de fev.
Respondendo a

i agree!!!


28 de jan.

This page appears to be everything you claim to not what to have... Hate & extremism... You don't get your way and lose, didn't get that trophy, so you target an actual IMMIGRANT that works so hard FOR FREE to clean up our city? You might not like him, but what right does that give you to slander him and tell so many lies? It is all public record. I see Pat Furey signed... that concerns me, he was crooked (think ambulance situation) and tended to manipulate people.. I am concerned for you Jean.. Did you fall prey to his manipulation being an older single woman? I hope that you find peace and help to bring the community together and…


26 de jan.

Do you have to be in his district to sign the petition or can I just be a resident of Torrance? If just the latter, I want to sign it!


Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper
21 de jan.

No, the information is NOT private.

Here are all the names of the people who signed the initial petition to recall Aurelio Mattucci.


18 de jan.

Can’t find the petition!

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